Our Story

Pompatus is led by our Grand Brewbah Steve Miller. Steve grew up in Cleveland and attended Colorado College. After graduating in 1991 he became one of the original employees for the original Rock Bottom Brewery in Denver. When Rock Bottom expanded to Cleveland in 1995, Steve took the opportunity to move back home. Following his time with Rock Bottom, Steve spent time working at Crooked River Brewing Company and Western Reserve Brewing Company. On top of his extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, Steve also is a graduate of the Siebel Institute Of Technology.

Steve lives in South Russel with his family of 6, his wife Barb, daughters Riley and Maggie, and sons Andrew and Alex, and of course his beloved brew-dog Buddy.

In the early 2000's, Steve left the brewing business and found a new career in healthcare supply chain. However, his passion for beer never wavered. Plans to get back into brewing and starting a company began in 2016. After many false starts, the pieces all began to fall into place after meeting his Pompatus side kick, Bobby Ehasz.

Bobby lives in Beachwood, Ohio with his wife Sharon and two sons Blane and Kale. A retired Air Force veteran, Bobby moved to the area in 2020 and the plans to open the brewery piqued his interest.

From carpentry, to electrical work, to plumbing, Bobby can do it all! His incredible amount of hard work, talent and dedication to the partnership turned our 7 year old dream into a reality.

We would be remised to not mention the help from Barb's father Tom Landy too! Working with Andrew much of the time, they were a huge help in assisting Bobby with the projects that needed finished in order to take some of the burden off of Bobby and speed this process up. The hard work of this team of three created the space we call home!

After a great deal of hard work, and a great deal of time, the end goal of sharing our passion for beer has been accomplished, and we are so excited to share our very own beer with you. We have something on tap for everyone and we look forward to serving you soon!

Construction Before and Afters